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3D Printing Explained

3d printing can be referred to as the process of creating three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. This creation of three-dimensional objects from a digital file is also known as the additive process. Making of 3d printed object is done by the additive process. An object is created through 3d printing by laying down successive layers of material until the object is created.

The first step to 3d printing is through making the virtual design of the object that you have in your imagination. The computer aided design could also be something you think of.

To be able to make a 3d digital copy of an object you need a 3d scanner. High level of technology is used to produce 3d models. The technology that the 3d scanner uses is very different. Volumetric scanning modulated light, time-of-flight and much more are some of the technologies used.
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Different companies produce hardware to be used to produce three-dimensional objects. Inbuilt 3d scanners will be witnessed in smartphones in the coming days. shortly real objects would be digitized.
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Fall of prices of scanners is expected shortly.

To make your 3d model become 3d printable you need to prepare it. 3d modeling soft wares are available in many forms. To get grade software the industries cough up thousands of dollars. However there are free open source of 3d modeling software. If you are a newbie you could benefit from free open source 3d modeling software.

You should prepare the 3d model first before using a 3d printer. This preparation requires you to divide the 3d model into hundreds or thousands of horizontal layers which is done using specific software. The division of the 3d model is known as slicing. The slicing tools are different for every kind of printer.

The 3d printer requires the slices of the 3d model to produce three-dimensional objects. You could do all this using a USB or an SD or even Wi-Fi. The type or the brand of 3d printer is a big factor when it comes to what slicing tool to use.

You have nothing to hinder you from printing when you upload your 3d printer with slices of the 3d model. Every slice is read by the 3d printer and then converted to three-dimensional objects.

When you are starting out with 3d printing you need to know what you want to learn. There are two major things you could decide to learn- either hardware or the creating of three-dimensional images.

You should know that 3d printers are of different types. You’ll get a lot of help from people who are experienced with 3d printing.