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There has been a constant polarity against the liberals and the conservatives, it has really grown across the years. It is something like a destiny because this type of situation was already happening way before if you read history books closely for sure. And before politics was really hard to understand those days, it can be a really troublesome spot to be in. If the politics will be filled with different parties but with the same view and would work together, you will really see just how effective they would work and even make the economy better than ever.

When the political parties will not get into same grounds it will really have problems, the economy will suffer and that will be a really huge problem that is why politics must always get things together. You have to make sure that politics will work on the fundamental principles because it will really make a difference. And it has to be noticed that the fundamental principles must be acknowledged again because that was really important to politics before. And if they do realize this, it will be a better solution to the economic problems in the country. It will feel like they are in a tea party and they are all getting along fine. And this element has been used by the conservative party for being a conservative element. And also, these republicans have been pushing through and working hard to implement old agendas that were used years ago by other politicians. And because of this, it has created a great wall between the two political parties.

The Tea Party holds majority of the congress even if they only have twenty five percent of the total population the government has. It will put the conservative party in a bad spot because they also have to think about catering their conservative base as well. Because not only will they have to cater the base but also they have to cater to eighty six fresh Tea Party congressmen.
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The liberals will have a handful as well, it is tough to understand politics. Liberals will also have to tend to the senators because they will be handling the senate as well and that will be a handful.
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And not to mention when elections come, it will be even worse, a lot of things will happen if the political parties will focus on destroying each other instead of showing who is the best and just keep it clean. And not to mention the money that is spent in election campaigns are really a lot and that can be really wasteful if it is being spent the wrong way.