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Top Secrets When Choosing Best Fly Fishing Rod

If fishing is your thing, then you definitely have to have a good fishing rod.You could either be replacing your old rod or simply be starting out as a new angler.This notwithstanding, you have to make the best choice of a fishing rod to assure yourself of a good catch.Choosing a good rod will have to be done carefully because it is what will determine whether you actually catch fish or not,Important elements to consider are listed below.

Fish Type
The type of fly rod that you acquire will depend on the kind of fish you wish to catch.This is because different fish types need their own types of rods.For example, small fish need a different type of rods from larger fish.In addition to this, you will need different rods for saltwater and freshwater fishing.Because everything else depends on this decision, you should be careful when making it.

Action of the Fly Rod
This is the flexibility of the Rod.Depending on how far they can bend on the back cast, fly rods are categorized into three.The groups are slow-action, medium, and fast action.Fast-action rods are normally rigid and only the tip bends while the other length remains straight.The stiffness is advantageous in allowing for more powerful casting, less demand on the physical strength and easier casting in windy conditions. Conversely, medium-action rods have a slightly more bend than the fast-action types.Half of the rod is normally bent in this case.It is therefore applicable to different fishing conditions such as freshwater trout fishing.The other type is the slow-action rod which is also known as a full-flex rod.They are the most flexible of the three.Its bend starts from about a quarter way down the rod and all the way to the tip.The rod is ideal for catching small sized fish like trout and pan fish in small streams.
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Weight of the Line
It is important that you consider the weight of the fly line if you wish your casting to be precise.Wrong choice of line weight will lead to lack of control and disastrous results on the water.The weight of the fly line usually varies between 1 referred to as very light to 14 the heaviest.It is appropriate to use lighter lines for smaller fish in streams and heavier ones for big fish in the oceans.You m must ensure that you match the size of your line with the fly that you intend to use.
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Length of the Rod
Type of fish also determines the length of rod that you go for.Lengths of over 9 feet are ideal for longer casting, heavier fishing lines and windy conditions.8.5 feet of rod length can be used for general fishing while rods 8 feet or less in length are ideal for small fish in streams.