The Benefits of Promotional Lanyards

Many businesses use lanyards for both promotional purposes and in the course of conducting business. What is a lanyard, exactly? It is a length of flat cloth sewn into a loop and worn like a necklace with a clip or hook on the end to hold an ID badge, keys, or other small, light items. They can be made from just about any material, but polyester is generally the most popular cloth for lanyards.

One of the most common uses for lanyards is giving them away as a promotional item. Whenever anyone wears a lanyard, he or she is subtly promoting the business that gave it away. The best way to make use of this advertising space is to include a large and easily recognizable logo on both the lanyard itself and on the ID badge it holds. Some companies even choose to include a short and easy to remember web address on their lanyards, so that anyone who sees the logo can easily obtain more information about the products or services they offer.

Although most promotional lanyards are given away at trade shows and conventions, some social events also call for identification. Social events like cruises and certain types of competitions can also benefit from the use of lanyards. It allows guests to easily identify each other and gives them a keepsake to remember the event. This is another brilliant opportunity to subtly create brand loyalty among potential customers.

Lanyards aren’t only useful at corporate parties, trade shows, and conventions, though. They can also be used to hold ID badges or swipe keys at work, or even a RFID card. This allows them to serve the dual purpose of ensuring that no employees lose their ID cards and helping to prevent swipe keys from falling into the wrong hands.

The best thing about lanyards is that in addition to being practical and effective, they are also extremely inexpensive to produce in bulk. Companies interested in using lanyards for promotional purposes should be sure to include an easily identifiable logo and attention-grabbing color scheme. Click here for more info about lanyards and how they can help companies to attract new customers.