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Tips on How to Commission a Custom Pet Portrait

A custom pet portrait shall remain a special gift for anyone who receives it. This gift shall preserve wonderful memories that shall last a long time. You can either have one made of the current pet, or of one that they loved but has already passed on. Either way, it can be offered as a unique gift to celebrate any occasion.

It presents a unique gift idea. When you commission a pet portrait as a gift, you have the option of presenting it to the intended recipient either on their birthday or during Christmas. It also makes a great gift for a housewarming celebration. If you know someone who has a much-loved pet in their lives, you can go the extra mile and have an oil panting made out of a picture of their pet.

Virtually any photo of a pet can be translated into an oil painting. A simple snapshot has all the details a painter will need, so long as there are minimal background distractions on it. Another idea involves having a professional photo of the pet taken and using it for the oil painting portrait.

Plenty of artists can render an oil painting from a photo. But you have to be careful enough to select one who is well versed in painting pets. Many artists are also capable of making oil paintings. What you need to search for is one who makes custom pet portraits. They know how to bring out the true likeness, expressions, and personality of the pet. You need this guaranteed, since the painting will be on display for a long time to come.

These artists are also experienced enough to make such portraits relevant to the season of the day. If it is given during Christmas, they can add in items that give off the holiday theme and mood. They can even have the pet dressed in certain accessories that speak of the occasion, such as a small hat. When you look through the artist’s portfolio, you will tell if the artist is capable of delivering good work. When you look at what they have done in the past, you will get a feel of whether you can allow them to work on the portrait.

When you give someone a canvas oil painting, you have offered them a timeless gift that they shall enjoy for long. You can give it on their birthday or on nay other celebration. It feels great going through so much work and expense to present a gift that is loved and treasured for long. This gift says so much to the recipient. Not just your feelings, but their feelings towards their pet.

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