Choosing Between Quartz and Granite Countertops

The right countertops can make things easier. They’ll look great and be up to whatever jobs you need to do in the kitchen. Two popular countertop choices are granite and quartz. Understanding the pros and cons of each quartz and granite countertops will make it easier to choose between them.


Granite countertops are made from chunks of granite cut out of quarries, transported and shaped into countertops. Quartz countertops, on the other hand, aren’t made of solid chunks of quartz. They are made from a mix of 93 percent ground up quartz and 7 percent resin. They can be made in a wide variety of colors, unlike granite counters, which are only available in the colors found in nature.


Because of the manufacturing process, seams may be less visible in quartz countertops than in granite. However, sunlight can cause quartz counters to become discolored as they age, which will be most noticeable if some parts of the counter get more sun than others. The appearance of quartz counters will be relatively uniform, but this won’t be the case with granite countertops.

Installation and Maintenance

Because of the heavy weight of these countertops, they require professional installation. Both of these countertops will be very durable, but granite can be broken or chipped if very heavy items are dropped on it and quartz can be damaged by high heat. While quartz doesn’t require sealing, you’ll need to seal granite countertops every one to three years to keep them from becoming stained because of the porous nature of the stone.

Environmental Effect

Quartz countertops tend to have a bit less of an environmental impact than granite countertops, making them a better choice for people trying to be more environmentally-friendly in their remodeling efforts. Look for a brand that’s Greenguard Certified.


Those purchasing the least expensive type of granite countertops may be able to pay less than those purchasing quartz countertops, but generally, granite counters tend to be a bit more expensive or around the same cost unless you choose one of the most expensive quartz options. It all depends on the exact granite or quartz you choose for your counters and the style of the edging chosen. Quartz usually runs between $67 and $95 per square foot, and granite starts at about $60 per square foot and goes up from there.